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01 January 2012

Important Notice: Restructuring of the SAWDIS

Major changes are currently underway as outlined in a previous article available HERE. and HERE.

It is the year 2012, a new year with new challenges and changes awaits us. The year 2011 is in the past and has become part of history. The SAWDIS has also become part of history. The SAWDIS Blog and Service was discontinued on the 31 December 2011 and will no longer be called the SA Weather and Disaster Information Service. Readers will also not be able to view weather and disaster events on this blog in future.

Here are the good and bad news:

1. This blog is no more the official blog of the SAWDIS. However this blog will still be updated for the next few days before it will be shut down permanently.

2. The SAWDIS do not officially exist any more. Yes, the SAWDIS has become part of history. The SAWDIS was started on the 8 October 2008 and ended on the 31 December 2011.

3. A new blog and service has been created as of the 1 January 2012. I am still working on the outlay and construction of the new blog and hope to move to the new location in the next few days.

4. The name of the SA Weather and Disaster Information Service (SAWDIS) officially changed to the SA Weather and Disaster Observation Service (SAWDOS) on the 1 January 2012.

5. The current Email, SMS and Twitter addresses will remain the same until further notice. Please keep on sending in weather and disaster observation reports via these addresses.

6. Many features and services will change in the next month. Some might not like the idea of change but unfortunately this is a reality and if we do not change we will either stagnate or will become irrelevant in today's constant changing world.

7. The old SAWDIS Blog will still be available for research and educational purposes and will not be removed from the Internet.

It has become necessary to once again make certain changes to the SAWDIS and the blog to stay in touch and in the foreground of weather and disaster related information. New proposed legislation and the time available to me makes it necessary to change the way the SAWDIS currently operates in order to stay relevant and up to date with the latest technology.

I trust that the changes will not be to disruptive to our readers and observers, but as explained before it has become necessary to restructure the SAWDIS. I am looking forward to a new weather and disaster service that will hopefully be more informative and technologically driven to provide a better service to our readers and observers.

As we progress I will point out changes and new features to the benefit of all our readers and observers.

Don't miss any of the changes and updates!!