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18 December 2011

Weekly Hamnet bulletin for Sunday 18 December.

For a change – I am not going to dwell on the bad news but mainly on either good news or news of a different kind.

The year is almost history and it was a year dominated by the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March in Japan. Many other floods, quakes and political upheavals dominated the media during 2011. But – that is now history!

But, South Africa, or at least the majority of them, is now in an unwinding or relaxed mode and or packing their bags for the rest of the festive season.

We have been monitoring our emergency frequencies for traffic but so far everything seems to be quiet. We are also aware that the traffic officials were and still are out in force with thousands of busses, taxi’s and other vehicles being stopped, searched and in many cases taken off the road.

To all my Hamnet members, from me and Estelle, we would like to wish you a Blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2012. As many of you may know, Estelle has not been well, but she is at home and being cared for in the hope that things will improve in the New Year.

I wish to thank all the participants in rallies, marathons, cycle races, exercises and all the other events where Hamnet participated and played a role for your unselfish participation and dedication.

A new year awaits and we will tackle it with a vengeance!

Aan al my Hamnet kolegas, julle gesinne en vriende, baie dankie vir julle opofferings gedurende die jaar en ʼn groot dankie aan almal wat deelgeneem het aan oefeninge, kommunikasie instansies waar julle, julle vernuf gewys het aan die dag gele het.

Ons wens julle ʼn aangename Kers seisoen toe en sien uit na die nuwe jaar met al sy uitdagings en verpligtinge!

Reporting for Hamnet, this is Francois Botha – ZS6BUU.