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17 December 2011

Weekend Weather Outlook: South Africa ( New Weather Prediction Web-Site)

Image: South African Weather (Click on image for larger view.)

The SAWDIS recently found the South African Weather prediction site.

Do visit this very informative weather prediction site. U can receive daily emails of up-to-date weather information in your area. The also have a mobi-weather site.  ALL FOR FREE!

About South African Weather:

Always Active Technologies (AAT) is a software development company in Kloof, KZN, South Africa that was born out of the quest for the "New new thing" and always looking to the future! Technology, communication, new ideas and communities are the exciting future!

Why a weather site? Because we were tired of getting bum weather reports for South Africa and being that SA is all about the weather we searched high and low for a weather partner who could give us decent weather for our beautiful country and hence the relationship with our partners Custom Weather in the US.

The convergence between cell phones and PDA's is a reality. This combined unit, when linked with emerging connectivity technologies (SMS, GPRS, 3G, USSD, MMS) will provide a platform on which to deliver feature rich services and content to an audience who have proved they will make use of content, and service that adds value, or provide entertainment.

This is the business sector that has a bright future and this is the sector that we are developing for. This is also the sector that has a formidable skills barrier to entry level.

Core to our success

A philosophy and culture of cutting edge, innovation and commitment
Offer technology that is simple to use to ensure maximum adoption
Proven ability to deliver technological solutions
Embrace the concept of communities
Effective community building exercises
Be ultra responsive, externally (customer requirements) as well as internally (flat structure, empowered, a-bureaucratic, autonomous)
A team who ALL share in the successes of the business
In order to achieve success this business needs to be able to be managed as an incubator with core competencies of innovation, development and smart delivery.

You can visit the site by clicking HERE.