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24 December 2011

Weather in Sunnyridge, Germiston, Gauteng (23 December 2011)

Raine and Pierre writes: Well, because of the thunder and lightning, we have to turn off our internet modem, but we can tell you that it's been raining quite a while. It started at about 5.30pm and built up to quite a storm, seeming to turn around and come back at us quite a few times... it's still wet out, and it's 22h50, and we're of course, expecting more of the same again tomorrow... Thanks for a great site. Sorry that we have to have so much bad news, but it's awful all around the world. Our sympathies to the little girl bitten by the snake and to the families who are suffering because of unnecessary road accidents, and abuse of alcohol and drugs, and our hearts go out to all those in New Zealand and other countries who are suffering natural disasters, too. Please be vigilant, careful, look after yourself so that you can look after others, and be as good as you can. Warmest wishes.

SAWDIS:  I am so glad to receive a report from Gauteng, as I thought most of the public has left Gauteng for the Coastal Regions.  I was wrong.  At least we still have observers out there in Gauteng.  Thanks for the report and best wishes.