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01 December 2011

Two men knocked of scaffold during accident

ER24 Nelspruit paramedics were dispatched to a horrific incident on the R40 outside of the show grounds where two men had been knocked off a scaffold allegedly as a result of an accident.

The two men had been working on the road signage when the incident happened. Although there was a bakkie and a truck, appearing to have been damaged in an alleged accident, the way in which the two vehicle may have collided into the scaffold remains unclear.

Witnesses explained that the two men were flung from the scaffold and its ladder; one man landing on the left hand side of the road and the other the right hand side. Both had suffered traumatic and extensive injuries and they both required immediate life saving treatment. The man in his 20`s had lost his arm in the incident, while both of them had multiple broken bones, head injuries, chest and internal injuries. Both men were rapidly stabilised at the scene and taken per ambulance to Mediclinic Nelspruit.

The man in his 20`s suddenly went into cardiac arrest as they wheeled him into the casualty at the hospital. After extensive efforts by the trauma team and paramedics, the man passed away. Nothing more could be done for him and he was declared dead.

The second man, believed to have been in his 30`s, was further stabilised and remains in a critical condition in hospital.

The injuries sustained by the occupants of the bakkie and truck that were allegedly involved in the accident remain unknown.

Police will investigate.

- ER24