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03 December 2011

Trawler still on fire in Cape Town

Cape Town - A Chinese trawler remained on fire in the Cape Town docks at midday on Saturday, the city's disaster management said.

Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Theo Layne said the fire started just after midnight on Friday.

"At the moment there is a quantity of the ship's fuel that is on fire."

He said the fire started where the cardboard and netting material were kept.

Firefighters at the scene were having difficulty controlling the blaze.

"It is very difficult and very hot...the ship is listing to one side making it too dangerous for the firefighters to get on board," said Layne.

One man was treated for smoke inhalation but did not require further medical treatment.

Layne said a pollution officer was sent to the scene to assess the possible ecological fall-out.

"He is busy making his assessment and his findings are yet to be ascertained," said Layne.

- SAPA/News24