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06 December 2011

Stricken vessel in Cape Town harbour poses threat

Cape Town firefighters said a blaze on board a South Korean fishing boat still poses a serious threat the environment.

Officials believe several tanks filled with diesel and flammable chemicals are still on the stricken vessel, which is moored at the Table Bay Harbour.

Around 20 firefighters have spent the last four days battling the blaze.

Cape Town Fire and Rescue Service's Theo Layne said they are trying to stabilise the trawler because it is unsafe to climb the vessel.

Meanwhile, Transnet Chief Executive Officer Tau Morwe said the Donsang initially entered the harbour for repairs.

He said they have now given the owners of the boat an ultimatum.

“We have sent a letter to the owners indicating they need to put a salvage plan on the table by the end of Monday, failing which, we will have to take control of the vessel,” he added.