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29 December 2011

SAWDIS Holiday Observation and Disaster Strategy Planning: Mossel Bay/Hartenbos 28 December 2011

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I had the privilege yesterday to fly with one on the best helicopter pilots in the Southern Cape if not in South Africa nl, Kobus Crous. Kobus is well known in the aviation world and for the many search and rescue missions he undertook in the Southern Cape through the years. He is the sole proprietor of Mossel Bay Helicopters.

Mossel Bay Helicopters has been in existence for almost 15 years and is stationed at its own base in Mossel Bay, from where it serves client needs throughout the Western and Eastern Cape.

Currently the business operates three helicopters owned by Kobus. The business has grown to become one of the most recognised names in the helicopter charter business and is renowned for its advanced and difficult commercial mission abilities.

It can safely be stated that Mossel Bay Helicopters is recognised as one of the most advanced and experienced commercial, mission critical and mountain helicopter operators in the Western Cape.

Mossel Bay Helicopters prides itself on its level of professionalism backed up by years of experience and strives for perfection through a commitment to continued pilot training and an unfettered commitment to passenger and civilian safety.

The following missions and experience confirm the level of professionalism, perfection, commitment and civilian safety that makes Mossel Bay Helicopters the best in the aviation industry.

Mountain flying experience

The erection, construction and ongoing maintenance of all Transtel Highsight towers between Worcester and Port Elizabeth.
The erection and continued maintenance of all emergency service repeater stations between Worcester and Port Elizabeth.
The ongoing maintenance of all SADF Highsights and repeater stations.
The yearly removal of alien vegetation for SANPARKS between Storms River and Cape Town. This includes the positioning of all teams, their equipment and the safe removal of teams.
The yearly removal of alien vegetation for Cape Nature between Wilderness and Cape Town. This includes the positioning of all teams, their equipment and the safe removal of teams.
The ongoing maintenance of various SAPS Highsights.

Search and Rescue missions

Mossel Bay Helicopters has played a critical role in many search and rescue missions.
During the past year only, we fulfilled a critical role during extremely bad weather and floods in the Southern Cape and as far as De Hoop. This included the urgent transportation of inter alia blood, search and rescue of stranded civilians and co-ordination of rescue services.
Mossel Bay Helicopters lead the search and rescue mission to locate the missing pilot who was lost for 10 days in the mountainous area close to Joubertina. He was located on the 7th of January 2008 by Mossel Bay Helicopters after 4 hours and after the official rescue was discontinued.
Mossel Bay Helicopters was the first operator to be contacted after the disappearance of the cargo plane carrying Hansie Cronjé and located the wreck in the mountains. In addition the contract for the removal of the bodies and all cargo was awarded to Mossel Bay Helicopters.
Mossel Bay Helicopters has performed many search and rescue missions in the mountains for lost civilians and have been credited with finding them.
Mossel Bay Helicopters has performed many sea rescue missions and is credited with saving many lives.
Mossel Bay Helicopters received a certificate of appreciation from the SAPS for services rendered during the rescue mission of trapped community members during the rainstorm on 24 March 2003 at Ladysmith.

Fire fighting

Mossel Bay Helicopters is highly skilled and experienced with fire fighting and is credited with saving in excess of a R100 million worth of property in recent fire fighting missions.
Mossel Bay Helicopters received an official certificate of appreciation issued by the Minister of Local Housing in the Western Cape Province for assisting with the veld and bush fires during the 2005/2006 fire season.

Night time search and rescue

Mossel Bay Helicopters has performed many night time missions and as early as last year was called at midnight to proceed to Victoria West to recover a critically injured VIP and fly the injured person to Mossel Bay Hospital.
Mossel Bay Helicopters has performed various rescue missions of injured sailors from ships as far as 50 nautical miles off shore.

South African Police Services

Various surveillance missions.
Various traffic control missions.
Various crime interception and arrest missions.

Game catching and game counting

Mossel Bay Helicopters is also recognised as the leading operator for game catching and game counting operations in the entire Cape region and as far as the Free State.

VIP missions

Mossel Bay Helicopters is the operator of choice for most VIP transportation needs in the Southern Cape. This list includes an array of government ministers, including inter alia the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Mr Marthinus van Schalkwyk, international golf players, sportsmen, film stars and business executives.

I am convinced that you will agree with me that the above missions and experience makes Kobus Crouse one of the most experienced helicopter pilots in South Africa.

I would like to thank Kobus for the opportunity to fly with him to survey  the coast line between Hartenbos and Mossel Bay from the air yesterday afternoon.  Mossel Bay is currently jam-packed with holiday makers and it is necessary to get an aerial overview of certain populated beaches and holiday resorts should a natural disaster occur.  I took 79 photos yesterday.

If you would like to know more about Mossel Bay Helicopters or you want to make use of their services, you can visit their web-page by clicking HERE.

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