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14 December 2011

SAWDIS Holiday Alert 2011/2012


MOSSELBAAI NUUS - Die publiek en besoekers word op die volgende noodnommers gewys.

Lys die nommers op jou selfoon of plak dit op 'n opsigtelike plek - dit kan dalk net 'n lewe red hierdie feestyd.

Polisie Radiobeheerkamer 10111
Mosselbaai (Dorp, Heiderand en Da Nova): 044 606 2800
Da Gamaskop (Hartenbos en Diaz Strand): 044 606 2200
KwaNongaba (Danabaai): 044 606 5600
Suid-Kaap Duikeenheid: 082 559 4647
Seegrens Eenheid: 044 604 6500
Ambulans: 10177 of 044 691 1911
NSRI: 082 990 5954
Brandweer: 044 691 3722
Mosselbaai Munisipaliteit: 044 606 5000
Mosselbaai Toerisme: 044 691 2202
Life Bayview Hospitaal: 044 691 3718
Provinsiale Hospitaal: 044 691 2011

- Mossel Bay Advertiser

'Keep emergency lane clear' please!!

National Transport Department authorities are concerned that motorists are using emergency lanes, making it difficult for police and paramedics to pass through when responding to accidents.

The department's Chief Director for Road Safety Themba Vundla says these motorists need to realise that they are endangering the lives of road users.

He says they are engaging with minibus-taxi organisations, to ensure they get taxi drivers to keep away from the road shoulders.

Earlier today, paramedics said that they battled to get to an accident scene on Durban's M4.

"What made it difficult for emergency personnel to get to the scene was the fact that motorists had blocked the emergency lane and traffic had come to a standstill causing delays in paramedics getting to the injured people," said ER24's Derrick Banks. 25 people were hurt in the crash, seven of them seriously.

Vundla says there is also a tendency by some motorists to block emergency vehicles.

"People like ordinary drivers, as well as some tow-truck drivers, tend to do that. And that actually stands between life and death. People could die because of such behaviour," he warned.

He's been speaking to Newswatch shortly after the department's road safety campaign launch in Jo'burg.

- East Coast Radio