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26 December 2011

SAWDIS Holiday Alert 2011/2012

Fuel shortage to end in January

The Department of Energy on Saturday said the fuel delivery backlog would probably last until the third week of January.

The department said it was in daily consultation with oil companies responsible for supplying fuel to the market and requested them to submit their contingency plans.

The department's Robert Maake said they were expecting the Secunda Sasol depot to be fully operational by the 28th of December while the Engen depot would be fully operational by the 16 of January.

Meanwhile motorist have been urged to fill up their cars regularly in case they don't get fuel at a service station.

They have also been urged to avoid driving at high speeds to reduce their fuel consumption.

Maake said the main problem was with the unleaded 95 petrol.

“Motorists who use ULP95 can in the meantime use ULP93 without any impact on their engines because there is no difference between the two and we are trying to discourage it as it is more expensive.”


Road death toll close to 800

The countries national death toll was reaching the 800 mark after numerous accidents were recorded this weekend alone, as thousands of people headed to their destinations.

Paramedics have been working overtime with accidents on the N1, N4 and N3 national highways resulting in several fatalities.

Netcare 911's Jeff Wicks reported that this weekend has been fairly busy as most people were heading out of Gauteng for Christmas.

“Netcare 911 has had paramedics on standby throughout the country on all highways during the festive season.”

Wicks added that the most notable accident they attended to was in Kwa-Zulu Natal where two people died.

“The most notable was on the N2 north of Durban in which two people were killed and 15 injured when a minibus taxi rolled.”

This past week the Road Traffic Management Corporation confirmed that the death toll had passed the 700 mark.


100+ Christmas babies born in SA

Johannesburg - Over 100 Christmas babies have been delivered in the country so far, officials said on Sunday.

Forty-one babies were born in the Eastern Cape. This includes 20 boys and 21 girls, said provincial health department spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo.

The first one, Nonzuzo Toliwe, was born at midnight weighing 2.68kg. In Limpopo, the number of babies born since midnight stands at 28.

The first delivery occurred at Bela Bela hospital - a healthy baby girl weighing 3.5kg. Two other babies were born at the same time at 02.55 through caesarean section at Van Velden hospital. A premature baby, weighing 1.26kg, was born in Polokwane hospital. She is in a healthy condition.

Teen pregnancies

At the Mankweng hospital, the biggest boy born so far weighed a healthy 4.29kg. KwaZulu-Natal welcomed 27 babies thus far - 14 boys and 13 girls. Of these two were born to teenage mothers.

The first baby in the province came at a minute after midnight. The 2.8kg boy was born at Northdale hospital. A minute later, a 3.6kg baby girl was born at Addington hospital. Provincial health MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo congratulated the overjoyed parents.

"The twinkle of a child's eye, the joy of a grandmother's laughter, and the love in the hearts of mothers and fathers for their children are all blessings that should be unwrapped on Christmas morning and then lived throughout the year," he said on his visit to the Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital.

However, Dhlomo decried the high incidence of teenage pregnancy in the province, saying it was a problem that everyone must tackle. In Mpumalanga, the first of 44 babies in the province was delivered at Piet Retief hospital. She weighed 3.9kg.

Provincial spokesperson John Mlangeni said 36 of the newborns are boys and eight are girls.

So far, there were 21 babies delivered in provincial hospitals around Western Cape - 11 girls and 12 boys.

- SAPA/News24

Cape traffic warns motorists

Cape Town Traffic Services said people who were leaving the city should ensure their vehicles are in a good condition before hitting the long road.

Officials are expecting many people to be flocking to holiday destinations and camp sites outside of the city.

They are urging motorists to be cautious and to make sure their trips are well planned.

Cape Town Traffic spokesperson Maxine Jordaan issued a warning to motorists.

“For those motorists leaving on holiday we are appealing that you check your vehicles with a proper vehicle check; your tires are nicely pumped up, tanks are filled up, keep a safe following distance, keep to the speed limit and return home safely.”


3 dead in Cape shack fires

The City of Cape Town said 3 people were killed in separate shack fires around the city.

There were a total of five fires over the last two days which claimed the lives of a two year old girl from Delft and two men from Macassar.

The fires displaced 16 people in Delft, Macassar and Phillipi.

Police are investigating the cause of the fires.

“We have called in the fire investigation unit of the police’s K9 unit to investigate the fires,” said disaster management spokesperson Wilfred Solomons Johannes.