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16 December 2011

SAWDIS Holiday Alert 2011/2012

Hi-Q road safety advice

MOTORING NEWS - Whether you're taking a short trip to the beach, simply going from the airport to the hotel or are about to set off on your annual summer holiday, getting the car packed right is paramount to your safety on the road.

Hi-Q advises motorists to follow a few simple rules to ensure the car is packed securely and does not endanger your family or other road users.

Safety first!
Passenger safety and comfort comes above all else. Don't risk carrying passengers unrestrained due to large or awkward items that are in the way. Install child seats first before loading the car, as it may prove difficult to do so once the car is fully loaded.

"Last in, first out"
This saying provides a handy hint to packing that ensures you keep the items you may need during the journey close at hand and easy to retrieve. Take enough food, drinks, nappies, medicine, and entertainment for your kids and other essential items to last you until your reach your destination.

Plan for a puncture
If your car is not equipped with a special safety device and tyres, such as Goodyear's 'RunOnFlat' tyres, consider the possibility of a puncture when packing the car. It's annoying and dangerous having to empty the entire boot of the car next to a busy road to get to the spare tyre. And remember - if you have a puncture; take care of your family's safety first.

"'RunOnFlat' tyres are an enormous benefit to avoid such a situation," recommends Goodyear's Hayward. "Thanks to the 'RunOnFlat' Technology, drivers no longer have to make that dangerous stop at the side of the road to change a tyre.

'RunOnFlat' tyres allow drivers to keep on driving after a puncture or total loss of tyre pressure, providing them ample time to get home or to a nearby tyre dealership within a distance of 80km and at a maximum speed of 80km per hour - even on a fully deflated tyre," explains Peter Bester of Hi-Q Mossel Bay.

Safely packed on the roof
Packing items on the roof requires a few extra considerations - extra height, extra weight and extra resistance.
Roof loads increase the drag on the car. The airflow will try to lift the front of a load.
Adjust your driving style!

Last but not least - don't forget that driving with a fully loaded vehicle impacts its manoeuvrability and takes getting used to.

Contact Hi-Q Mossel Bay at Louis Fourie and Watson Streets on 044 695 1525.
- Mossel Bay Advertiser

Traffic operations beefed up over festive season

Traffic operations along the country's major highways have been beefed up ahead of the festive season, the Roads Traffic Management Corporation said on Friday.

"There will be visible patrols along highways with heavy traffic, as well as a joint operation with the department of transport to clamp down on passenger transport," spokesman Ashraf Ismail said.

He said the main focus would be on the N1 and N4 highways as well as on the N3 between Johannesburg and Durban.

"At one stage on the N3, over 2200 cars were passing through the Mooi River Plaza every hour," Ismail said.

He said road blocks would only be conducted in metropolitan areas.

"By Tuesday, there were 456 fatalities recorded on the highways over the season. The number is only preliminary, and I'm sure it will have risen since then."

He said most accidents had resulted from speeding, reckless overtaking and drinking and driving.

"We appeal to drivers to follow all the rules of the road, to reduce speed in areas where it has rained, and to observe a prudent following distance.

"Drivers should chill out, relax, be polite and be prepared to allow us to our job. This is a thankless task, because if we don't do our job, and even if we do do it, we are still criticised."

- Times Live