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06 December 2011


Durban ready for holiday season

EThekwini Municipality bosses say they are fully prepared to host the influx of international and domestic tourists who are expected to visit the city this festive season.

City Manager, Mike Sutcliffe, says Durban's holiday season roll-out plan includes increased police visibility, improved road management and efficient services.

A special task team made up of safety, electricity, water and traffic officials, is set to monitor daily activities in the city to address any problem areas.

He says they want tourists and residents to enjoy the holidays without worry.

"We've found that over the past few seasons where this has been happening, we end up with a city that is much safer, much cleaner, much healthier for people - and obviously the more that people are getting out and enjoying themselves, the safer the city is. We've begun a little bit earlier now, because obviously we've got the climate change conference happening, but we will carry on with the same kind of process right through the festive season."

- East Coast Radio