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28 December 2011

SA National Severe Weather Warning: 28 December 2011 04h00 SAST

SAWDIS: The SA Weather Service's severe weather warnings are once again misleading and confusing.  The Map shows no warnings while it is not clear whether weather warnings has been issued for the Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West Provinces.  No warnings nor advisories in effect are displayed while in the detail sections warnings are issued. The question now arise whether warnings are issued or not. A similar misleading and confusing warning was issued for Northern Cape yesterday afternoon.

This is not the first time that misleading and confusing weather warnings has been issued by the SA Weather Service.  This might just be a glitch that needs to be rectified but either the SA Weather Service don't care or see this as no big issue as the same mistake is made time and again.  

Some might argue that this is really petty and not an issue at all. This is far from the truth! If you issue official weather warnings then there must be no confusion or misunderstanding that can confuse the general public. Peoples lives depend on timely and correct weather warnings.

The SAWDIS will now launch a formal complaint in this regard and will keep our readers informed of the outcome.