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26 December 2011

SA National Severe Weather Warning: 26 December 2011 04h00 SAST

Current warning: Eastern Cape
Updated: 26/12/2011 05:10:32
Watch: Be prepared
Subject: Severe Thunderstorms
Detail: Valid for 26/12/2011: 1. Severe thunderstorms are expected in places over the northern and western interiors of Eastern Cape.

Current warning: North West Province
Updated: 25/12/2011 15:38:28
Watch: Be prepared
Subject: Heavyfalls of rain
Detail: Valid for 26/12/2011: 1. Heavyfalls of rain are expected in places in the western parts.

Current warning: All other remaining Provinces
Updated: 25/12/2011 15:38:28
No warnings nor advisories in effect
Subject: No Alerts
Detail: No Alerts