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04 December 2011

PRINGLE BAY SATURDAY 03 DECEMBER 2011. Rubber-duck swept out to sea, 2 men rescued

File Picture: Stephen Smit

At 15h33 NSRI were alerted by eye-witnesses to two men being swept out to sea on a rubber-duck at Pringle Bay. They were 400 meters off-shore and being blown further out to sea by strong off-shore winds when the Gordons Bay volunteers were called out.

The duty crew launched JACK RILEY and NSRI Hermanus volunteer sea rescue duty crew responded in their NSRI rescue vehicle towing HUNTERS GOLD RESCUER to be launched on-scene.
The Metro EMS Skymed helicopter, the SA Police Services, The local Community Police Forum members and the Overberg Metro EMS were also activated.

Local Pringle Bay resident Roger Parsons, watched the drama unfold from his balcony and using a telescope to keep tabs on the casualty craft, kept the responding resources up to speed on the location of the casualty craft.

The Metro EMS Skymed helicopter arrived on-scene first and quickly located the rubber-duck, 1 nautical mile off-shore. Metro EMS rescue swimmer Michael Cloete was deployed into the water, from the helicopter, and he secured both of the men who were then hoisted, one at a time, into the helicopter.

Once both men, and the rescue swimmer, were safely inside the helicopter they were brought ashore and reunited with family members who had been waiting anxiously on the shore.

Both men were treated for mild hypothermia but they required no further medical attention.

The two men, Julian Petersen, 40, and Patrick Adams, 45, from Grassy Park, showed extreme relief while being rescued and both men and their families have expressed their sincere gratitude to their rescuers.

The men’s red 5 meter rubber-duck remains adrift at sea and navigational warnings are being posted by Maritime Radio Services warning vessels in the area to keep a lookout for the navigational hazard.

NSRI appeals to anyone coming across the boat to report its whereabouts to sea rescue authorities. The boat is expected to run aground along the False Bay coast.