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24 December 2011

NSRI - National Sea Rescue Institute News

Collision between two boats off Mossel Bay


Image: Mossel Bay NSRI Station (Click on image for larger view.)

At 13h53 NSRI Mossel Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew were called out by the Transnet National Ports Authority following reports of a collision between two boats 300 meters off Dias Beach, Mossel Bay.

Our duty crew launched VODACOM RESCUER II and our NSRI rescue vehicle, Mossel Bay Fire and Rescue Services, the SA Police Services and a Police boat, Metro EMS and ER 24 ambulance services responded

On arrival we found that a 9 meter (10 seater) commercial charter boat, WAVE RIDER, with 8 to 10 people onboard, had collided with a 4 meter pencil duck (a small rubber-duck) with 2 men onboard throwing the one man, from the pencil duck, into the water and injuring the skipper of the pencil duck, who managed to remain onboard. One side pontoon and the nose pontoon on the pencil duck burst.

A police Port of Entry Security boat, which arrived on-scene first, rescued the 17 year old pencil duck crewman, Leon du Plessis, from the water and on the arrival of our sea rescue craft our NSRI medics attended to the the 19 year old skipper of the pencil duck, Marcell van Heerden who was on WAVE RIDER after he had been transferred onto the WAVE RIDER from his own boat after the collision.

Both teenagers are from Alberton. Both were treated for suspected spinal injuries and both were secured to spinal back boards and full spinal immobilization was applied by our NSRI medics as a precaution before they were brought to our sea rescue station, 1 onboard our NSRI craft and 1 onboard the Police boat. Both men have been transported to hospital in stable conditions by ambulances for further treatment.

None of the people on WAVE RIDER were injured and the local skipper of WAVE RIDER, Colin Edwards, brought his passengers back to the harbour.

Police and SAMSA (The South African Maritime Safety Authority) will investigate the accident.

Following Media Enquiries: NSRI have not attempted to determine if both boats were underway at the time of the collision or if the larger boat collided with the smaller boat or if the smaller boat collided with the larger boat. These questions will be raised in a formal investigation by Police and by SAMSA.

The skipper of the pencil duck, Marcell van Heerden, has also suffered a fractured arm in the collision and doctors will operate to set the fracture.

Cat towed into Cape Town

Table Bay’s Spirit of Vodacom was called out by the National Ports Authority to assist the catamaran Namara into Cape Town Harbour. Namara, stuck in a windless pocket with no engines was unable to make her way into port. Spirit of Vodacom launched and took up the tow at 15:30 approximately 3nm off Sea Point and towed her into the V&A Harbour.

Her last port of call was Tristan. According to her skipper Mr Roy Wallbank (British), she will remain in Cape Town to effect repairs before sailing to the Caribbean.

Images: NSRI (Click on image for larger view.)

Silk Knot stuck at Clifton

Spirit of Rotary Table Bay leaves Bakoven to asist Silk Knot.

The motor yacht Silk Knot called for assistance after getting her anchor fouled with another crafts abandoned anchor chain off Clifton’s 4th beach. No matter what they tried they could not free the anhor and then decided to call Sea Rescue. The Bakoven rescue boat Spirit of Rotary Table Bay responded and was able to free the big pleasure boat.

Spirit of Rotary Table Bay with Silk Knot.

NSRI Swimmers working to free the anchor.

Silk knott sailing away.