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06 December 2011

Kwazulu Natal Oil spill: 'no harm' to marine life

Environmental affairs officials in KwaZulu-Natal say they are not aware of any harm to marine life following the recent oil-spill off the province's north coast.

A ship that had apparently been sailing between Durban and Richards Bay last weekend, is thought to be responsible for the leak near the Salt Rock Beach area.

SA Marine Authority officials have since managed to clean up most of the oil spill in the water.

A holidaymaker though has told Newswatch she was shocked to find a number of dead crabs covered in oil on La Mercy beach on Saturday afternoon.

She also says she hasn't seen a clean up crew in the area.

Zolile Ngayi, who is with the Environmental Affairs Department, says they are still busy working on clearing oil from the beaches.

"Wee ask that locals don't go into the area until it's cleaned up. We're keeping the area out of bounds until it's completely clean - it's been done for the safety of the locals," he said.

Meanwhile the KwaDukuza Municipality is set to release a report on how much damage the oil leakage has caused to the environment.

- East Coast Radio