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28 December 2011

Giant Wave Impact in Kenya on Wednesday, 28 December, 2011 at 07:01 (07:01 AM) UTC.

Image: Google Maps (Click on image for larger view.)

Two women are feared dead after being swept by strong waves on the Indian Ocean coast of Kwale village in Mkuranga district, Coast region yesterday. Confirming the incident yesterday, Coast regional police commander Ernest Mangu said it occurred on Monday around 1am during the low tide and that the whereabouts of the two women was still unknown. Narrating, the RPC said three women he identified, as Tatu Mohamed (35), Mwajuma Ame (40) and Mwajabu Mwinyimkuu (45) all residents of Kwale, were swept away while fishing. “They set up their fishing gears on the site…they managed to catch some fishes, but when they were trying to move from the site, strong waves came, and swept two of them,” noted. The third woman, identified as Tatu Mohamed, managed to swim towards the shore to her own rescue, informed the regional police chief, quoting reliable information he got from Kwale village executive officer Abdu Masoud. He said police suspected that the women had been swept towards Kuruti, Botha or Koma – the other three beaches near Kwale. Earlier reports had it that 25 had died after the boat they were traveling in from Mafia to Dar es Salaam capsized in the Ocean. However, Mangu refuted the reports.