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21 December 2011

Extreme Weather in India on Tuesday, 20 December, 2011 at 05:55 (05:55 AM) UTC.

The first dense fog of the season hit the capital early Monday morning, and, as feared, threw the region out of gear. As visibility dropped to less than 50m at places, flights were delayed and even cancelled, train services remained paralyzed and at least one life was lost in a road accident. Traffic slowed to a crawl in the morning, with schoolgoing children bearing the brunt of the below-normal temperatures and low visibility. "I had a tough time steering through the fog. But this is just the beginning. It might get worse as the temperature dips," said Vivek Shukla, a school cab driver. A 55-year-old woman died when a schoolbus collided with a scooty about 8.30am on Sohna road in Gurgaon amid blinding fog. At the airport, a much bigger disruption was averted when the instrument landing system on the main runway was rectified just in time. The new runway came under dense fog for about three hours during which time only the main runway was in use. About 200 flights were delayed on Monday, some up to five hours, and at least nine cancelled as low visibility procedures were in place for almost 12 hours.