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23 December 2011

Eastern Cape hail storm leaves hundreds homeless (22 December 2011)

Officials in various Eastern Cape municipalities were on Thursday taking stock of how many people had been displaced and what property had been damaged in a fierce hail storm which hit the area on Wednesday, police said.

In the Mthatha region more than 100 houses and 200 vehicles were damaged in the storm.

"In Idutywa municipal buildings, police offices and about 26 police vehicles were damaged in the storm," Captain Lingisile Magama told Sapa.

"It is not yet confirmed whether anyone died or was injured in the incident," he said.

Villages including Qora, Ngxakaxa, Govan Mbeki township, Old Idutywa, Colosa, Chizele, Nyawra and Ludondolo were hit by the storm.

Four women were injured and 18 RDP houses were damaged in Mthatha.

Slovo Park, Chris Hani Park and Mandela Park were also hard hit.

"Affected residents were accommodated by their neighbours," Captain Zamukulungisa Jozana said.

More than 100 homes in Bityi were destroyed and police and government officials would visit affected areas to assess the damage.

- Times Live