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30 December 2011

Earth tremor in the Ceres area (30 December 2011 01h00 SAST)???

I do believe there was a earth tremour in ceres this morning, round 1am, lasted six seconds, and it was quite u have any news?. Andrew Perrins

SAWDIS: The SAWDIS received no reports of a tremor in the Ceres area from the public. But let's see whether others have felt the tremor in the Ceres area this morning.

The SAWDIS request people that felt the tremor in the Ceres area this morning, to send information about the tremor to the SAWDIS.

Send information to the SAWDIS by clicking HERE.

SMS, MMS messages to: 076 251 3482 (text messages only)

SAWDIS Twitter:!/sawdis

Please do not stop reporting tremors or earthquakes as the SAWDIS is now your only free source of earthquake information based upon reports from the public. Keep those reports coming!!