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31 December 2011

Crayfish vessel with engine trouble off popular crayfish spot towed.

Gemini Rescuer 2 tows the crayfish boat. Picture Cedric Brown.

Mykonos, Thursday 29 December 2011

The Mykonos volunteers were called out at 12:25 by the owner of a crayfish vessel with engine trouble off North Blinder (a popular crayfish spot, 7nm offshore). Two local fishermen from Paternoster were on board. They were requested to put down anchor, which they immediately did, and NSRI towed our 5.5m rescue boat Gemini Rescuer 2 to St Helena bay harbor were we launched.

Because the fisherman gave such accurate information on where they were, and immediately responded positively to our instruction to put out their anchor, they were found fast and in good health in very short period of time. There was no search needed, as our boat found them exactly where they said they were.

We towed them back to the Paternoster main beach were we also recovered our vessel. The weather and water condition were good, except for the big swells, but the tow went well. Both the fisherman on board the vessel as well as the owner who reported the incident were much appreciative of the effort from the NSRI and very grateful for the quick response to their call. It was a great effort by both the fisherman and the NSRI to resolve a potentially traumatic incident with no complications and no long drawn out searches.

Gemini Rescuer 2 is recovered at Paternoster main beach. Picture Cedric Brown.