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18 December 2011

Magnitude ?? - Augrabies Earthquake 18 December 2011 20h07 SAST

Image: Google (Click on image for larger view.)

The SAWDIS received several reports of earthquake activity today in the Augrabies area. Tremors were felt as far as Keimoes. The last quake was reported to have taken place at 20h07 in the Augrabies area.

Herewith reports as received by the SAWDIS:

16h36 - RT @KalahariB: @sawdis. Augrabies earth tremors at it again. 16:25. Desert thunderstorm also active. Temp 41C

20h10 - RT @KalahariB: @sawdis .Earthquake at Augrabies. Large shock, plenty movement, rumbling with tremors for 30 seconds. At least a 4. 20h07 18/12/2011

20h12 - RT @jvw679: @SAWDIS big rumble and shake in augrabies had few today but this was biggest.

20h13 - SMS Venessa Coetzee, Keimoes. We just had an earthquake here in Keimoes. Not that big but the ground were trembling pretty bad. Earlier we heard a tremor and now we felt the second one.

SAWDIS - Seismologists say small series, or swarms, of quakes occur throughout the world, all of the time and they rarely lead to a huge quake. But there are others that disagree. The twitching that going on now in the Augrabies area is likely normal movement as a result of the change in stressing rate. Constant quakes of varying sizes are normal and the frequency of quakes varies over time.

Don’t overly focus on the activity in the Augrabies area. My wager would be that the next big quake in South Africa or Africa will occur in a place that we’re not watching or don’t expect.

It’s pointless to live in fear of an earthquake. The smart thing to do is to make sure you’re prepared to cope with a catastrophic event, which could occur at any time — including when there’s virtually no small quakes occurring.

The SAWDIS request people that felt the tremor in the Augrabies/Keimoes area this afternoon, to send information about the tremor to the SAWDIS.

The following information is needed. Please complete what you experienced during the tremor.

1. Name:
2. Town or area:
3. Province:
4. Date of earthquake:
5. Time of earthquake:
6. If available, in which area was the earthquake felt:
7. Where were you when the earthquake occurred:
8. Did you feel any vibrations or shaking:
9. Did you hear anything and if so what did you hear:
10. Did any door or window rattle or anything else:
11. Were you indoors or outdoors at the time:
12. Was there any damage (If yes, please provide detail):
13. General Observations or comments:
14. Is this the first time you felt a tremor in the area:

Send information to the SAWDIS by clicking HERE.

Please do not stop reporting tremors or earthquakes as the SAWDIS is now your only free source of earthquake information based upon reports from the public. Keep those reports coming!!