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30 December 2011

Amateur Radio praised in Indian Earthquake exercise

Image: Google Maps (Click on image for larger view.)

A mock earthquake drill was held in Guwahati, Assam on Tuesday, Dec 27, and the director general of civil defense highlighted the importance of Amateur Radio in natural disasters.

A Times of India report says:

Expressing happiness over the programme, director general of civil defense Rajendra Prasad was hopeful that such programmes will help the citizens understand how to conduct rescue operations with the available resources.

Saying that Amateur Radio sets proved quite useful during earthquake and Tsunami in 2004, Prasad said. He added, "The Amateur or HAM radio was very useful during the devastating earthquake at Bhuj and also in conducting rescue operations in Andaman and Nicobar islands in 2004.

This device can be used when mobile towers and other communication devices gets destroyed."

He said the civil defence will urge the Centre to issue licenses to run Amateur Radio in Assam soon. Though Amateur Radio is the only mode of communication which works during an emergency, the use of Amateur radio in Assam is yet to gain popularity as Wireless Planning and
Co-ordination has not issued any license to run Amateur radio in the northeastern states since 1990 due to security reasons.

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