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15 November 2011

Weekend NSRI rescue roundup

Port Alfred:
Volunteers from Port Alfred responded to a call that a child had fallen at Bats Cave at the Fish River Mouth and broken his arm. Raoul Coetzee of Bathurst reported that his son Victor,12, had fallen off the rocks at Bats Cave and broken his arm. He was in pain and needed assistance. We responded with our rescue vehicle and arrived on scene 08:37. We picked up the boy who was in a stable condition and transported him to the Port Alfred Hospital.

Shelly Beach:
Sunday 13 November
Shelly Beach volunteers received a call from Shelly Control for a Jet Ski on Protea Banks with engine failure. Caltex Endeavour and the Discovery Rescue Runner were launched and the jet Ski taken in tow.

Saturday/Sunday 13 November
Multiple calls were received for flares fired off the Lake Pleasant area. The flare sightings were reported by the SAPS and four civilians. The 8.5 m rescue boat Colorpress Rescuer was launched at 21h23 to search the area. They spent the next six hours in a futile search between Victoria Bay and Wilderness searching for a vessel in distress, for what station commander Graeme Harding now believes were flares fired from Gericke Point.

Simon’s Town:
On Saturday Station 10, Simon’s Town, hosted an exercise involving an Oryx helicopter from the Airforce’s 22 squadron, NSRI Air Sea Rescue Unit ( ASRU) as well as crews and rescue boats from Strandfontein and Gordons Bay.

Up up and away. Picture Chops Craig.

A basket hoist. Picture by Matthew-Melidonis.