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08 November 2011

Update: How hot was/is it in your town today?

Our readers write:

Queenstown by Terence (ZS2VDL)
Clear sky - No clouds
Wind: 37 Km per hour
Air temperature: 37.4 Degrees
Humidity: 22%
Air pressure: 1005.8 HPA and dropping

Hot, hot, hot

Polokwane, 08 November 2011 @ 13H35: Fred Calitz

Temperatuur: (Skadu) 28.8°C
Lugvog: 41%
Lugdruk (abs.): 881 hPa

Stutterheim, Eastern Cape: Candice Smith
Temperature: 30 degrees celsius
Humidity 27

Cathcart, Eastern Cape: Candice Smith

Temp : 34 degrees Celsius

Queenstown, Eastern Cape: Terence (ZS2VDL)
Temperature: 39 degrees
Humidity: 14%

Bathurst, Eastern Cape: CW
Temp 26 Deg/C Heat was bad yesterday

Twitter Updates:
08h53 -  @SAWDIS already 30°C in Martizburg! #sastorms #TwistSA @zerkerx

13h06 - Current PMB air temp= 37°C @SAWDIS @zerkerx #kznweather

16h28 - @SAWDIS currently 38degrees in Pietermaritzburg

SAWDIS:  Many thanks to everyone that send in reports.