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25 November 2011

South Africans disregard climate change

A new study suggests many South Africans are nonchalant about the threat posed by global warming.

TNS South Africa's survey aimed to gauge citizens' knowledge about global warming.

The poll indicates 31 percent of respondents are in denial about the phenomenon.

Senior advisor Neil Higgs says an increasing number of people are showing less interest in climate change.

“This is quite an interesting number because we’ve been looking at this figure for the last six years. It’s gone from 41 percent down to 22 percent in 2010 and in 2011 the figure is back up to 31 percent,” he says.

Higgs says the dangers of climate change appear not to affect everyone.

“We are also seeing a drop in the number of people who feel that the climate change phenomenon is severely affecting our weather. It appears as if people are a bit more resistant to the message that climate change is imminent and dangerous.”