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22 November 2011

SAWDIS back on line from Mossel Bay

I am back at home after a very peaceful and pleasant stint in nature in the North Western Cape.  With my "batteries" fully charged, cell phone an Internet working again I look forward to continue the blog as before. I must confess that the lack of cell phone and Internet connections for 5 days can be described as real heavenly peace.  On the other hand you do get withdrawal symptoms after  a few days not being able to access the internet and making and receiving calls.  Be as it may I needed the peace and tranquility in nature away from the daily huffing and puffing. 

I hoped to do a bit of stormchasing in the NW Cape but the conditions did not play ball.  With no lightning and thunder present I concentrated on taking  cloud observation photos of the area.  I will publish some of these photos over a period of time on the blog as soon as I get the time to edit the images. I once again apologize for not updating the blog but sometimes one need to get away from it all.