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27 November 2011

Real Time Weather Observation: Mossel Bay (27 November 2011 05h45)

05h45 - Moderate rain falling at times in the Heiderand, Mossel Bay area.  It is still dark and gloomy with 8/8 clouds..  We experienced strong wind overnight before it started to rain early this morning.  Wind still blowing but has calm down. 12mm rain so far.

Personal observation: It would appear that this rain is a result of a cut-off low developing in the southern parts of the Cape moving towards Kwazulu Natal.   I observed large cumulonimbus clouds yesterday evening just off-shore of Mossel Bay.  With the wind now blowing SSE it is pushing moist air in over the Southern Cape which result in moderate rain along the Southern Cape.  If the cut-off low develops further we could expect heavy rain in the parts of the Southern Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal areas today and tomorrow.  Due to the irregular nature of a cut-off low, the characteristics are generally very difficult to predict.

All SAWDIS Weather Observers and even non SAWDIS weather observers are hereby requested to report heavy continues rain and other abnormal weather phenomena in their area of observation. Flash flooding is a possibility should this system intensify. The SAWDIS is not sure where and if this heavy rain will occur. Be alert and send observations to the SAWDIS as we will in turn publish the observations to the benefit of the general public.

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All images courtesy: U.S. National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)+ NOAA

More on cut-off lows available HERE.

There is also a 60 - 80 % chance for severe thunderstorms over parts the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal.  See SA National Weather Warning.