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14 November 2011

Pilot lands private jet whilst in critical condition!!!

An incredible incident happened yesterday, when a pilot of a light corporate jet flying single crew turned around whilst on a flight to Rand airport from Bloemfontein.
He apparently started loosing sensation in his left hand and started getting sick in the front of the aircraft.

He decided to turn around and return to Bloemfontein.
With the symptoms getting worse and worse, he then did an amazing job of landing the jet and parking it back in the hangar all with no feeling or control of the entire left side of his body.

The pilot was removed from the aircraft and was taken to hospital be paramedics from ER24 and was discovered to have had a burst aneurysm in his brain.

He was operated on last night and is in critical condition in ICU, Rosepark Clinic.

- Avcom