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28 November 2011

Norway storm wave sweeps away film crew members

A large wave crashes over the Atlantic Road in Averoey, Norway November 26, 2011, the day after the storm "Berit" struck the Norwegian coast. Picture taken November 26, 2011.

Norwegian rescuers were hunting Monday for two members of a film crew swept away by a giant wave as they were filming a killer weekend storm, rescue officials said Monday.

The pair, who are now presumed dead, went missing on Sunday on the southwestern coast of the country, where swells reached up to 20 metres (65 feet). A third crew member managed to swim ashore and alert emergency crews, rescue officials said.

In the western coastal town of Bergen on Sunday, a man was found dead in his car after being crushed by a fallen tree, while a man in his 70s died after his small boat sank.

According to the trade organisation Finansnaeringens Fellesorganisasjon, the storm caused a significant amount of material damage.

Insurers have already received more than 500 claims for repairs worth a total of 50 million kroner (6.4 million euros, $8.5 million), a sum that is expected to rise.

The storm also led to the closure of a numerous roads, bridges and ferry routes, as well as disruptions in rail and air traffic.

The heavy winds and rainfall also caused material damage and disruptions in northern Denmark and southern Swede

- Times Live