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02 November 2011

Near Drowning Leaves Infant In Critical Condition

A 15th month old infant is in a critical condition after she was found floating in the pool by the domestic worker at a residence in Pomona which falls in the Kempton Park area this afternoon.

It is believed that the domestic worker found the child floating in the water and quickly notified the neighbour. The neighbour pushed the panic button of the security company to get help. A security guard arrived on the scene and jumped into the pool to rescue the infant from the water.

ER24 were on the scene within minutes of the call received by the security company and found the infant and security guard off to the side of the pool area with the child battling to breath. Advanced Life Support medical intervention was performed on the infant by means of fluid and helping the infant to breath. The child was rushed off to a nearby hospital were the trauma staff took over the medical care. When paramedics left the hospital the infant was still in a critical condition.

The circumstances around the infant falling into the pool will need to be asked by the necessary authorities but ER24 are asking parents or guardians please at all time make sure that the swimming pool gates are closed at all times specially when children are concerned and to make sure you have the correct swimming pool net or cover on at all times when the pool is not in use.

Derrick Banks, ER24

- ER24