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25 November 2011

Important Notice: Restructuring of the SAWDIS

Major changes are currently underway as outlined in a previous article available HERE.

I am currently busy looking at alternative web-site options and methods to automatize certain functions of  the SAWDIS.  A new test site is currently up and running but not yet available to the public.  I will give feedback as to the feasibility and whether this site will be used in future.

It has become necessary to once again make certain changes to the SAWDIS to stay in touch and in the foreground of weather and disaster related information.  New proposed legislation  (weather and secrecy bill) makes it necessary to change the way the SAWDIS currently operates  in order to stay relevant.

More on these major changes to be posted in the next few weeks.

Truly exciting times ahead relating to weather and disaster observations. Don't miss any of the updates!!