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06 November 2011

Hamnet weekly report 6 November 2011.

For many the flooding in Thailand, which is still very much in the news, may cause problems to some manufacturers. The areas covered with water include many wetlands that were turned into industrial areas, and with the heavy monsoon rains, these areas are now flooded as the water had nowhere to go.

Thailand is a country used by many other industrialised countries as an outsource region for the manufacture of items like computer hard drives, motor spare parts and so on. In the news this week were the names of two well branded products that have been affected – specifically a well known 500 gig. Hard drive for lap tops. These are already in short supply and naturally – the price goes up.

One well known Japanese motor vehicle manufacturer is also in the news with some of their spares not being available. However, as waters recede and things return to normal over the next weeks and months, I am sure supply will return to normal.

Again, strange weather – this time in the USA where the east coast was hit by a very earlier than normal heavy snowfall in October – before Halloween! This is very unusual!

Northeast storm damage caused electricity failures and other problems associated with this unusual snow fall. From Ray Sabb KA1AAA came a report that Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) were on full alert and in many cases activated for support. In the state of Connecticut, ARES was fully operational.

Electrical power was slowly being reconnected but it caused a lot chaos and frustration in many areas!

From El Salvador comes a report of heavy rains and assistance urgently needed in many areas. Countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica suffered severe agricultural damage due to flooding.

The heavy rains have affected in excess of 300 000 people and caused the death of at least 120 and many homes have been destroyed.

Locally, dry weather is in circulation in some parts where rain is falling in other areas. The rainy season is yet to set in and we await copious rains to fall soon.

Reporting for Hamnet, this is Francois Botha – ZS6BUU.