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12 November 2011

Flood in Uganda on Friday, 11 November, 2011 at 17:32 (05:32 PM) UTC.

Image: Google Maps (Click for larger view.)

A total of 3000 families in Serere district have fled their homes after continuous torrential rains caused flooding of majority homes. With pit latrines water-logged, people have now been compelled to defecate in water causing a horrible smell, and most of their grass-thatched houses, semi permanent homes have collapsed due to the increasing pressure of the water. Most of the gardens have been submerged and some of the highway maram roads are flooded. In Owiny parish Agule village in Kateta sub county the worst hit in the district of Serere, most of the affected families are still enduring the conditions despite their homes being flooded. Families have appealed to government to assist them with tapelines for drying food,tents for providing emergency accommodations ,mosquitoe nets,water purification,posho and beans to help them through the floods ordeal. “The devastation of water logging has affected all the villages in the subcounties,roughly 3000 families, most of them taking refuge in the trading centers with over 200 pit latrines destroyed and over 1000 crops in the gardens submerged” LC5 of Serere district Opit said . Opit was on the 11th –Nov -2011 leading a delegation of the district officials visiting the worst affected villages to ascertain the extent of destruction. He identified the most hit villages in Bugondo sub county as Agule,Owii,Okokoma,in Labor sub county are Obangin,Akworo,Aarapo,in Kyere sub county are Kelim ,Kamurojo villages. In Kateta sub county,LC3 , indentified the worst hit villages as Aisin,Acomia,Okulukulun,Nanang A-B,Awoja,Pachoto,Owiny,Agule,Olagar and Chamuliki. In Katakwi ,RDC ,Joseph Arwata,identified the sub counties highly affected as Magoro,Palam, and Ngariam. He said water logging has impaired most of the people of movement and it has caused damage in gardens. In Ngora district, Chairman LC5 ,Ben Eumu,described the situation as the worst in the villages of Atapar,Omito in Kapir sub county,MoruKakise ,Asinge ,Apuai in Mukura subcounty,Agu and Odwarat in Ngora sub county. He said hundreds of crops in the gardens submerged and some of the huts in some villages have collapsed .