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25 November 2011

Fire Management Unit launched

GREAT BRAK RIVER NEWS - An inclusive Fire Management Unit is the ideal tool to ensure sustainable implementation of the Fire Act (Act 101 - 1998), which makes property owners liable for damages should a veld fire originate on their land and spread to adjoining properties.

The Great Brak Heights Rate Payers Association is launching a Fire Management Unit (FMU) in Great Brak, in cooperation with Southern Cape Fire Protection Association (SCFPA).

"We see our community as a whole benefiting; by improved awareness, by the creation of capacity to be more pro-active, and it will prepare us as the critical first response in case of a veld fire emergency," say Pierre Villain, Vice Chair of the Great Brak Heights Rate Payers Association.

"Together, FMU and SCFPA will establish protected zones, allowing access, training of fire-fighting personnel, and a clear emergency management process in case of a fire. This will include the creation and maintenance of properties’ fire breaks and equipment."

There are definite benefits to joining a FMU like; collective implementation effective prevention, protection equipment, knowledge and subsidized labour for approved safety, prevention and protection through communal means, legal exemption of fire breaks creation and of individual legal responsibility.

Protected zone(s) part of Great Brak FMU, conceived by professionals from SCFPA, will include various properties according their size, access, vegetation and the likes.

Only land owner members of the FMU will benefit from its support; others will remain personally responsible to maintain compliance with the law on their own land and in case of fire, and will be held responsible and accountable.

Anyone in the Great Brak River natural areas and plateau above Glentana can join the FMU.

To participate, and for any information, contact either SCFPA Area Manager: Charl Wade on 079 485 5320, GBH RPA Chairperson: Mike Ehrman on 083 258 9954 or GBH RPA Vice Chair: Pierre Villain on 082 833 5063.

- Mossel Bay Advertiser