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14 November 2011

Factory worker dies after tiles fall on him

A factory worker believed to be in his early 40’s has been killed after sustaining fatal injuries when cargo from a truck fell on top of him at a factory in Willowton just outside of Pietermaritzburg this morning.

ER24 paramedics from Pietermaritzburg, along with the local authorities arrived on the scene and where shown were the man was lying. Some of the tiles had been removed to one side by fellow factory works to gain access to him. Paramedics assessed the patient and found that he had suffered traumatic injuries and had already succumbed to his injuries, he was declared deceased on the scene.

It is believed that the worker had open the door to the delivery truck, to off load the contents when its alleged that the contest may have shifted in transit, so when the patient open the door, the contents of tiles came down on him with a force.

Mountain Rise SAPS were on the scene and would investigate the incident further.

- ER24