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26 November 2011

Eskom on high alert

Eskom said all of its power stations are on high alert as the Conference of the Parties (COP17) approaches in Durban.

Police on Friday morning confirmed that an apparent protest by environmental activists at Komati Power Station was a planned "practice drill."

Several protesters donned white jumpsuits and Greenpeace stickers, barricading the entrance to the power station in Mpumalanga.

But they were not from Greenpeace, they were Eskom employees.

Eskom's Hilary Joffe said it was part of a drill, as they are being extra vigilant during the talks.

“We knew that nothing would happen as it is important to keep the lights on for the whole country, especially ahead of the COP17,” she added.

Greenpeace denied any involvement adding that their protests would be centered around the Durban area, but commended any protests drawing attention to South Africa's dependence on coal.

COP17 will kickoff on Monday 28 November 2011.