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01 November 2011

Epidemic Hazard in Namibia on Monday, 31 October, 2011 at 15:09 (03:09 PM) UTC.

Eighteen learners and a teacher were rushed to Andara Hospital, Kavango Region for suspected food poisoning on Thursday. It is alleged that the teacher at Shaghirungu Primary School in Mukwe constituency, gave two learners bread and chicken. The pair shared the food with 16 other learners. The teacher apparently also ate the food and he too was poisoned together with the learners, and they were all rushed to hospital. They all were vomiting while complaining of stomach pains, New Era was informed. Dr Kenneth Bunjir, Principal Medical Officer at Andara Hospital, told New Era on Friday that they received a group of 18 learners together with a teacher. They were all complaining of stomach ache and were vomiting, he said. "We treated them for mild stomach acid, because they were suspected to have eaten some poisoned chicken." "The teacher told us that he gave two learners bread and chicken. He suspects that the two gave other learners." Bunjir said the children were all in a stable condition after receiving treatment. "It was just food that stayed overnight and had gone bad a bit," he said. "They are in a stable condition. We will discharge them today (Friday)," Bunjir stated. He did not suspect foul play. He said the learners did not vomit blood, playing down any likely future complications. The children, Bunjir confirmed, are between the ages of 8 and 14. Deaths from food poisoning have become common in the Kavango Region, with a recent tragic incident earlier this month, in which seven children died from suspected food poisoning at Kahanga village after they ate what was suspected to be poisoned maize. Similar cases occurred last year, where a number of people died after eating poisoned traditional spinach mutete. A number of people also died in the Kavango Region after drinking a suspected poisoned home brew.