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16 November 2011

Baby left behind as mom flees bees

Johannesburg - Boksburg Warrant Officer Johan Fourie was discharged from hospital on Tuesday after being stung by a swarm of bees while saving a baby from their attack.

Police spokesperson Captain Pinky Tsinyane said Fourie was admitted at the OR Tambo Memorial Hospital, after his heroic act on Monday.

He was patrolling the Boksburg area on horseback at the corner of Rondebuilt and Middle streets when he saw people scattering because of a swarm of bees.

On closer inspection, Fourie came across people pointing to an abandoned baby pram.

The officer was told there was a baby inside. The mother had fled to the other side of the road after she was also stung, Tsinyane said.

Fourie moved closer and saw the 7-month-old baby's face was covered with bees.

"He wanted to take the baby from the pram but the bees were stinging him. He grabbed the pram and ran with it until the bees were clearing from the baby's face."

Tsinyane said the officer rushed the baby to hospital where both of them were admitted because of bee stings.

"Fourie was discharged today [Tuesday] and the baby was still in hospital [in] a stable condition."

- SAPA/News24

SAWDIS: Warrant Officer Johan Fourie - A true hero and I trust that Johan will receive a recommendation for his bravery.   -  " WE SERVE AND PROTECT".