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16 October 2011

Women injured after falling off a jetski

A man and woman on a jet ski are believed to have been pulling into the Marina at the Deneysville side of the Vaaldam when suddenly the jet ski turned and the woman was flung off. Unfortunately, they had been right near a wall, and the woman was flung into it. She had suffered what appeared to be serious injuries.
The woman was pulled from the water by bystanders and local rescuers and ER24 was called to the scene. Initially it was suspected that she had sustained multiple broken bones, but upon assessment by the paramedics, it was found that she had been fortunate to have only sustained moderate injuries. The 24 year old woman was treated for possible back and neck injuries, a dislocated hip and multiple scrapes and abrasions. She was alert throughout and remained in a stable condition.
ER24 transported the patient to Mediclinic Vereeniging by ambulance.
The man who had been navigating the jet ski at the time of the accident remained on the device and was not injured.
- ER24