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17 October 2011

Update: SAWDIS Kite Project

The Aquilone 1 Payload

The SAWDIS Scientific Kite Payload

The payload is now fully constructed and operational as can be seen from the images. The first flight of the Aquilone will soon be taking place and I will announce the date and time in due coarse. I still need to compile a few flight maps for the APRS unit to reflect the exact position of the kite. The weather data will be fed into a local weather station and then displayed on the Weather Underground web-site. Once all the software programs have been installed and updated we will be ready for the first test flight.

The payload cover with insignia and SAWDIS payload

The GPS Antenna and GPS Unit

The RS232 Converter and TinyTrak 1 Controller

The Baro -  Thermo - Hygro unit

The Transmitter, Battery and Power Controller Units

The Power Controller Display

The APRS Antenna attached to the payload

The SAWDIS Kite Payload exposed

Image: SAWDIS (Click on images for larger view.)