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18 October 2011

Tropical Depression in Central America

Marco Loarca, TG9ANM, ECAG D of IARU R2 reported at 15: 12 UTC, on 17 October 2011, that the Tropical Depression 12-E has produced landslides on the main roads, bridges destroyed, underground houses, about 100 dead, and overflowing of rivers, in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

In Guatemala, the government has declared a state of public calamity, when 28 people were reported dead; 109,020 people affected, and 12,738 people in shelters.

In Nicaragua, the government has reported 7 dead, 5,474 people affected, and 1.200 evacuated, and they are staying in 25 shelters.

In Honduras, the government has reported 12 dead, and over 30,000 people affected.

In El Salvador, the government has reported 27 dead, and 13,384 people have been evacuated.

Also Marco TG9ANM, reported that hams radio throughout Central America, have been incorporated into the emergency and relief agency in each country. In addition, the traditional communication systems have not been greatly affected.

Marco reported that the Club de Radio Aficionados de Guatemala (CRAG) has the National Emergency Network in Guatemala, on the frequency 7,075 KHz, and 38 amateur radio operators are working on VHF/UHF throughout Guatemala.

- International Amateur Radio Union Region 2