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09 October 2011

Tornadoes this weekend?

HOAX email:
We are 100% certain there will be NO tornado this weekend! Gauteng can expect good weather, with light to moderate wind. Enjoy it!

SAWDIS: The above notice was found on the SA Weather Service web-site. They are 100% certain that there will be no tornado this weekend! The thought came to mind if one can be 100% sure about any weather event including notices? Nobody expected the recent two tornadoes in South Africa. I have my doubts about the 100% certainty looking at the recent weather experienced in South Africa and America. I have come to the conclusion that one can never be 100% sure about the weather even if you have all the latest instruments and equipment. Wonder what would happen if a tornado do occur this weekend. How will they explain the above notice. No,  I am not critical but one expect a more cautious approach in issuing weather notices. However that is their opinion and not mine. I just wondered!