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03 October 2011

Tornadoes hits Fickburg and Duduza

Two Tornados have hit South-Africa this Sunday and has left hundreds of individuals homeless.

The ER24 dispatch centre in Johannesburg received a call out yesterday afternoon shortly after 16:00 of a tornado that hit Ficksburg in the Freestate. Multiple ambulances were deployed into the area. Widespread devastation could be seen across the area as houses were left in ruin.
Various Emergency Medical Services searched the disaster area on foot for injured individuals. 1 boy, aged 9, was found with multiple injuries. He was later declared dead at the scene. A total of 42 individuals received medical attention for various injuries ranging from multiple scrapes and bruises to suspected back and neck injuries.

Then shortly past 19:00 a second tornado hit. The tornado struck the informal settlement of Duduza in the Eastrand of Johannesburg. ER24 deployed rescue personnel to the scene to assist with the search of possible casualties. Initial reports confirmed that a total of 105 individuals were treated at the scene for injuries. Fortunately no one sustained any major injuries.

Paramedics at both incidents described the areas affected by the tornados like a scenes out of Hollywood disaster movie. Only when the sun rises over the areas this morning will the true devastation be evident.

- ER24