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12 October 2011

South Coast beach has 'disappeared'

South Coast authorities say seasonal flooding has caused the area's popular Uvongo beach to virtually disappear underwater.

Newswatch has received queries from concerned holiday makers about the beach, on the back of reports that it has shrunk drastically.

South Coast Tourism's Michael Bertram says the beach has indeed now been reduced to a small sandbar.

"You can access it at low tide but unfortunately as soon as high tide comes in, we're losing the beach," said Bertram.

Bertram says it's a seasonal problem that they can do very little about.

"It's normally traditionally a winter problem, although it can also repeat itself come spring tide as well - [also] because of the heavy rain that comes down from the Drakensberg. And the beach will return, we had a similar situation three years ago in June when we had the severe flooding."

- East Coast Radio