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09 October 2011

SAWDIS - Three years old!!

Many thanks for all the best wishes.  Let's all join hands and keep the SAWDIS Blog the most informative Weather and Disaster Blog in South Africa.  With changing weather and threatening disasters it is imperative that we keep the public informed of what is happening out there.  Remember that the SAWDIS is a non-profitable organization that renders a FREE COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICE. No life of any individual must ever be put at risk by any weather service in pursuing commercial revenues or trying to reduce a countries tax burden.

Once again to the many loyal and supportive members of the public, media, radio amateurs and SAWDIS Observers, who have carried the SAWDIS through the past three year and are to numerous to mention by name, I would like to personally thank you for the time and sacrifices you have made. The SAWDIS and the community salute you all.

Your zeal and devotion is highly appreciated. Once again a big THANK YOU!!