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08 October 2011

The SAWDIS is three years old today!!

The SAWDIS was established on the 8 October 2008 and here we are three years later, very much active and involved in many aspects of Severe Weather and Disaster Information and Education. Who must we thank for this? The public, news media, radio amateurs, other NGO's, roll players and SAWDIS Observers. Without your support, input and participation the SAWDIS Blog would not have survived for three years.

I look forward to the next year ahead and once again pledge for your loyal support. If you have any suggestions or comments (good or bad) about the SAWDIS, let's have it as soon as possible. (Click HERE to send your comments.) We need to make sure that we are still relevant and that there is still a need for a weather and disaster information service in South Africa.

To the many loyal and supportive members of the public, media, radio amateurs and SAWDIS Observers, who have carried the SAWDIS through the past three year and are to numerous to mention by name, I would like to personally thank you for the time and sacrifices you have made. The SAWDIS and the community salute you all.

Your zeal and devotion is highly appreciated. Once again a big THANK YOU!!

Johan Terblanche
Founder: SA Weather and Disaster Information Service
Mossel Bay
8 October 2011