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30 October 2011

SA National Severe Weather Warning: 30 October 2011 16h00 SAST

SAWDIS: The SAWS weather warnings are once again confusing and misleading. The above image reflect no warnings on the map and if you go into the detail section there is no warnings indicated. All info in green and No warnings nor advisories in effect while in the same window warnings are issued in green. Now this is once again very misleading and confusing. This happens mainly over weekends and it is not the first time either. Why not just give the warnings in plain text and forget about the colour and styling? That way the public will hopefully not be confused or mislead. Maybe it is time for a formal complaint to be send to the SAWS.

Some might argue that this is really petty and not an issue at all.  This is far from the truth!  If you issue weather warnings then there must be no confusion or misunderstanding which might confuse the general public.  Peoples lives depend on timely and correct weather warnings.