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19 October 2011

SA Lightning Map: 18 - 19 October 2011 06h00 SAST

- SAWS  (Click on image for larger view.)

SAWDIS:  Summer is the peak season for one of the nation's deadliest weather phenomena— lightning. But don't be fooled, lightning strikes year round. The goal of the SAWDIS is to educate and safeguard  South Africans about/from lightning.

Those who are lucky and not killed by lightning are permanently injured each year.  People struck by lightning suffer from a variety of long-term, debilitating symptoms, including memory loss, attention deficits, sleep disorders, chronic pain, numbness, dizziness, stiffness in joints, irritability, fatigue, weakness, muscle spasms, depression, and more. Lightning is a serious danger. Through the SAWDIS we hope you'll learn more about lightning dangers and how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your belongings.